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Our boats

Centurion RI230

Centurion RI230 "Sky" (Business Bay)

The official Tow Boat of the World Wakesurf Championships 

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Centurion RI230

Centurion RI230 "Smoke" (Jaddaf Waterfront)

The official Tow Boat of the World Wakesurf Championships 

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Our boards

Soulcraft M2

The M2 has evolved over the years and is now designed with a squash tail, a fuller nose and some of the best attributes of our other models to help riders reach the podium of their local surf comps. The mini blunt nose and squash tail design make the board very responsive and quick to maneuver for those who enjoy quick carving and spins.


Imba High Performance model is an ideal partner in crime for the male rider. The symmetrical shape, rocker curve, sharp edges - all was thoroughly thought through to allow high jumps, fast rotations, easy fin front ride. The high performance materials make it very light, but at the same time very durable.

Soulcraft Control Freak

The Control Freak picks up where the Super AV left off — improving speed generation and control while still delivering the renown feeling you get carving up the wave and going for airs. The large fangs act like dynamic fins providing riders more control and confidence in landing airs and working on nailing their first tricks.

Alya Soulmate Pro Model

Model developed by our team mate and Pro-rider Alya Lapina. The model is more suitable for the female riders, as it has a volume distribution suitable for the smooth, easy going and playful manner of riding. Maneuverable, but stable, recommended for the use in smaller sizes than within the portfolios of the other wakesurf boards suppliers’, which makes it very easy to handle. The high performance materials make it light and durable.

Soulcraft Lethal Weapon (R and A series)

The Lethal Weapon-R steps up our latest shape to R-Series pedigree with structural performance boosts as well as our performance concave deck used on the SuperFang and SuperFly. The design changes found in the Lethal Weapon improve responsiveness and release on tricks advanced riders are performing at comp level events around the world.

Candy Kids

The Joys Brand shapers haven't forgotten about the little ones and designed the 'Candy Kids' board. It's a smaller version of the 'Alya Soulmate Pro Model' wakesurf which was adapted specifically for kids. Small and lightweight, it's perfect for the first steps in wakesurfing.

Soulcraft SuperFang (R and A series)

The SuperFang-R blends the best aspects of the JS Pro, Secret Weapon and SuperFly into one highly advanced design using ultra premium R-Series carbon fiber, basalt and flax materials to turn up the performance. Stability on tricks with a mid-size blunt nose volume and topped off with our deep concave deck geometry for maximum control under foot.

Soulcraft VooDoo

The Voodoo RPM was designed with one single goal in mind -- MASH THE GAS and unleash a high octane version of our original Voodoo shape. The RPM departs from the original Voodoo however with a laid out rocker line blending to a slight nose flip the most powerful riders. More speed, more power, more snap and more release - The Voodoo RPM is staged and ready to light em up!


The Matrix is an advanced board delivering unrivaled performance. Made with a thinner core and boxy rails for ultimate POP and responsiveness. The symmetrical outline rides incredibly well backwards while the subtle V-Spline bottom contours generate trick demanding speed and sensitivity.

Prices for the 2023 season

Riding on weekdays and weekends

is from AED 400 per 25 minutes' set

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Riding on weekdays and weekends

is from AED 750 per 50 minutes

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Our team

Pavel (Pasha) SYCHEV

Pavel (Pasha) SYCHEV

Advanced Wakesurf Athlete

Wakesurfing for more than 6 years

Competing since 2019. Winner and awardee of numerous National and International Competitions
Talented manager and business developer, before becoming an experienced coach and an athlete in the wakesurf club
Together with Ruslan had an experience in developing wakesurf clubs’ strategies before setting our own club

Ruslan (Rus) UMAKHANOV

Ruslan (Rus) UMAKHANOV

Advanced Wakesurf Athlete

Wakesurfing and coaching for more than 10 years

Competing since 2021. Winner and awardee of the most of the 15 National and International Championships he took part in
Became Rider of the Year 2022 according to the Prowakesurf organization
Experienced and honored boat pilot coach and Technical Director of our wakesurf club
Developed several wakesurf clubs’ strategies before setting our own club



Amateur and very talented Athlete

Wakesurfing for 3 years

More than 7 years of experience in setting various businesses before stretching her interest into the wakesurf industry
Top Manager in several companies, including our wakesurf club branch in Dubai

Stepan (Step) GORDANOV

Stepan (Step) GORDANOV

Experienced Boat Pilot

The most amplitude skim rider of Russia
Competing since 2022 and jumped right into the Pro category
Winner and awardee of several big Championships in Russia, looking into the international competing opportunities He also keeps an eye on the onshore training processes of the whole team

Experienced Boat Pilot and Trainer 

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How many people can the boat accommodate at the same time?

Unfortunately we are restricted to accommodate not more than 8 people (including boat personnel) at a time, which is also a perfect set up for a comfortable and safe experience.

What do I need to bring with me?

Swimming attire, comfortable and suitable outfit for the weather conditions. You may also want your own towel or poncho, however our boats are always equipped with towels, water and chargers for the phones.

Are the wetsuits available for rent?

Yes. We have wetsuits of all sizes for men and women. All wetsuits are hygienically treated.

Do you rent out the life vests/jackets?

Yes, it is an absolute necessity to wear a vest while wakesurfing and it is included in the price. Safety on the water is one of our key priorities!

Do you rent out the boards?

As the New Club we are still in process of forming the most various and matching any need board portfolio. Nevertheless, you will definitely get the board which will be appropriate to your parameters and skill level. The rent is included in the price.

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